My London Bucket List

Hello everyone!

So this is the start of something I would like to call My London Bucket List.

What is it? Well. I have recently moved to the city, but have hardly ever found myself in London doing exciting things and exploring properly, seeing things I’ve never seen before. SO, the meaning of this bucket list is for me to complete everything on it, in London, before I move back to university next July/August 2018 time.

So its something that is going to be pretty long winded, but thats not necessarily  bad thing because it means there’ll be updates for you guys very now and then when I get some time off.  This is also because I work full time and my Rota is rather odd, but when you live that close to the city who’s bothered hey? too much to do and see!

So below is My London Bucket List! There’s a few things I’m going to put on there that I’ve already done since moving nearby the city, but it makes no difference as for me I’ve done it, so I can tick it off gladly and write about too!

ANOTHER cracking thing about this London Bucket List is that my boyfriend, Brad, has said he will happily take part in helping me too explore London that little bit more! This made me a lot happier as I was hoping he would say yes, especially as we live together so it make absolute obvious sense to just head into London together! So he will be featured regularly as well!

The way Im going to show which ones on the list I have completed is making the text a different colour. So if the texts a different colour it means I’ve visited already and chances are if I haven’t posted about it already then it gives everyone something to look forward too when I do finally get around to writing it!

Alright guys, all the links you need will be posted below! I hope you enjoy this little journey of mine!

Part 1; My London Bucket List

Part 2; My London Bucket List, Living Outside of London!