Airports, what’s not to love?

I couldn’t even begin to tell you why, But I love airports. I’m lying, I can totally tell you why I love them. They’re busy, exciting and full of so many different adventures and stories, different walks of life. For a lot of people the airport is the place from hell, flights being delayed, tooContinue reading “Airports, what’s not to love?”

South Africa – Robben Island

When we went to South Africa, Cape Town, we visited the Dark Tourism and heavily emotional site that is Robben Island.Β Robben Island is known as the Island that Nelson Mandela spent years imprisoned before being released. Robben Island is a national heritage site, but it is also where political prisoners were kept and was aContinue reading “South Africa – Robben Island”

South Africa – All Things Cape Town, Shopping, Table Mountain & More

After being in Johannesburg for a few days we headed to Cape Town for the rest of our Holidays! we were in Cape Town for 4 days and we stayed in a hotel song Camps Bay! Now I really love the beach, so to be able to come out of our little villa for theContinue reading “South Africa – All Things Cape Town, Shopping, Table Mountain & More”

South Africa – Road Tripping to Johannesburg & Johannesburg itself

So once our week at the Kruger National Park had come to an end it was time for us to make the next leg of our journey, and that was back to Johannesburg! The drive was going to take us a least 5 hours, which isn’t too bad as I did 27 hours on aContinue reading “South Africa – Road Tripping to Johannesburg & Johannesburg itself”

South Africa – Night Safari & Eating what we see.

Now night safari was something that I found amazing, but also slightly terrifying at the same time. Not because it is terrifying but because I am just a wimp who’s afraid of the dark and the things in it. So of course going on safari, at night, when its dark, most probably surrounded by scaryContinue reading “South Africa – Night Safari & Eating what we see.”

South Africa – Morning Safari

Now I can’t exactly remember the exact time I had to be up in the morning for the morning safari on Kruger Park, but what I do know is is that it was incredibly early, obviously. Its still dark out, but only just when you reach the truck! The truck parks just by the gatedContinue reading “South Africa – Morning Safari”

South Africa – Staying On Kruger National Park, A Lion to greet us & Grim spiders.

Aloha, I should first address the fact I haven’t posted in two months, Starting full time work was a rather large jump and its clear I wasn’t used to it! Starting placement means I now have next to no free time so I will try and update you guys as often as I can, ImContinue reading “South Africa – Staying On Kruger National Park, A Lion to greet us & Grim spiders.”

South Africa – We need to discuss this journey from hell.

I went to South Africa a few years back, Im mainly writing about it because I know it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I will never forget it. one day maybe I’ll be lucky enough to go back hopefully and do everything we didn’t get to do! Now the plane journey was enough.Continue reading “South Africa – We need to discuss this journey from hell.”

Slum Tourism, Good or Bad?

They say that when you’re a university you should embrace your course, so I guess this is me embracing my course. One of our topics that we go over is Slum Tourism which is something that I took a really great interest in, especially due to my thoughts, opinions and also my experience. Although IContinue reading “Slum Tourism, Good or Bad?”