Budapest’s Beautiful & Creative Street Art

All throughout the streets of Budapest are some of the most beautiful pieces of art I really have ever seen painted on the side of buildings!  The aim of the Budapest street art was too ensure that the rejuvenation of their streets was successful in making the area more welcoming and also spruce it upContinue reading “Budapest’s Beautiful & Creative Street Art”

The Sunshine Bloggers Award!

Hey all, welcome to my post on The Sunshine Blogger award! Just to keep you all in the loop before we get started, I travel to Budapest tomorrow! So there will be no Whatever Wednesdays until I return from Buda on August 31st!  Its the Sunshine Blogger Award! Big thank you too IndefinitelyJ for nominatingContinue reading “The Sunshine Bloggers Award!”

My London Bucket List – Part 14, ‘You’re Not Hardcore, Unless you Live Hardcore’

So this impromptu day out was really nice because we were in London AAAAALL day. We had stayed overnight at Hilton Kensington which was actually really lovely. The view from out room was overlooking Shepherds Bush Westfields, which is just as impressive if not more than the one in Stratford. We did but the looksContinue reading “My London Bucket List – Part 14, ‘You’re Not Hardcore, Unless you Live Hardcore’”

My Met Gala 2018 Best Dressed

Best Dressed as judged by, me! The Met Gala is a heavily anticipated event in the celebrity world and this year the theme was; Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. AND EVERRRYBODY BROUGHT IT. There were so many amazing outfits and dresses and it was just SO Difficult to narrow it down to myContinue reading “My Met Gala 2018 Best Dressed”

My London Bucket List – Part 5, Winter Wonderland & NYD!!

Naturally I’ve been incredibly late with my bucket list posts purely because I’ve been to Iceland so apologies! I am back and I have about 4-5 London Bucket list posts to do for you lot so don’t worry! So Brad and I headed out on the 5th of November, Bonfire Night, to Wembley! Just movingContinue reading “My London Bucket List – Part 5, Winter Wonderland & NYD!!”

My London Bucket List – Part 2, Notting Hill Carnival & EGG

SO HERE IT IS, INSTALLATION NUMBER 2! (apologies for any delay) This time on my London Bucket list we ticketed of two pretty fun and memorable things! NOTTING HILL CARNIVAL & EGG LONDON ****** Now Notts Hill Carnival was something I NEVER thought I Would be lucky enough to  experience, but I was and I wasContinue reading “My London Bucket List – Part 2, Notting Hill Carnival & EGG”

South Africa – Road Tripping to Johannesburg & Johannesburg itself

So once our week at the Kruger National Park had come to an end it was time for us to make the next leg of our journey, and that was back to Johannesburg! The drive was going to take us a least 5 hours, which isn’t too bad as I did 27 hours on aContinue reading “South Africa – Road Tripping to Johannesburg & Johannesburg itself”

South Africa – Morning Safari

Now I can’t exactly remember the exact time I had to be up in the morning for the morning safari on Kruger Park, but what I do know is is that it was incredibly early, obviously. Its still dark out, but only just when you reach the truck! The truck parks just by the gatedContinue reading “South Africa – Morning Safari”

Adulting & My London Bucket List

So I posted a while back about how I had been offered this cracking op to work in the city of London for my placement year, and after starting nearly 3 months its safe to say I am loving life, well 90% of the time. Moving was a pretty big deal. It was a brandContinue reading “Adulting & My London Bucket List”

South Africa – Staying On Kruger National Park, A Lion to greet us & Grim spiders.

Aloha, I should first address the fact I haven’t posted in two months, Starting full time work was a rather large jump and its clear I wasn’t used to it! Starting placement means I now have next to no free time so I will try and update you guys as often as I can, ImContinue reading “South Africa – Staying On Kruger National Park, A Lion to greet us & Grim spiders.”