#Throwback Norway 2018: My Top 10 Pictures

Norway has so far been one of my favourite trip experiences in terms of spontaneity.

Me and the 4 gyals deciding about 5 days before we left this is where we were going in November 2018 and road tripping 4 hours across the Norwegian roads, man it was beautiful. The whole country is beautiful.

I loved it so much I felt the need to reminisce a year on! Especially as it is a lot more exciting than my life right now!

I think cold trips are my favourite type of trips as I loved Iceland so much as well! There is just something about them that makes me feel cosy, fresh and actually quite at home. maybe I’m just too used to the cold weather in England (she says as she is planning travelling to countries that are 30-40 degrees)!

So here are 10 photographs I took whilst in Aurlandsvangen, Flam and Oslo which are my personal favourites.

You can read ALL about what us girls got up to this trip right HERE!

The Ice every morning on the balcony! It was so cold and fresh each day, it was glorious.
The view from the window of the car en route to Flam! So many beautiful sights.
The scale of the Troll (a highlight in Norwegian folk tales) and Majelle beside it is beautiful.
Breaking & Entering to see a viking stave church! We promise we would have paid if we had too!
Abbie on the pontoon overlooking the Fjord at night. I took this on Night Mode on my phone, we couldn’t even see the mountains but the picture came out so well!
The beautiful docks of Flam! This is pretty much Flam in its entirety it’s such a small place!
The Beautiful Aurland.
Views for breakfast in the morning from our AirBnb!
Jevnaker! Our first stop on our road trip to Flam/Aurlandvangen, the beautiful lake between us and the town! We only stopped foteh views!
“LOOK AT ALL THE STARFISHES” And there were! Hundreds of them all over the coral and dock, bright orange too! The water is so COLD as well!

So there were just the few of many pictures taken, they’re all my favourite so doing 10 was harder than I thought but I hope you enjoyed this mini throwback!

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17 thoughts on “#Throwback Norway 2018: My Top 10 Pictures

  1. Wow, these pictures are stunning! I have to admit that I’m the opposite, I love the sun and the heat so Norway or Iceland would not be my destinations of choice, haha. But my daughter really wants to go and visit the Northern Lights (thank you Philip Pullman) so maybe one day 🙂 Lisa x

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  2. Wow, these pictures are lovely. It looks like you had a great time, and Norway is GORGEOUS! I’ve never been, but I’d love to visit it for myself. I particularly like your photo of the stave church – it’s beautiful.

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  3. Beautiful Norway & photos! Reminds me of my trip last month.
    Ah yes, I also did have a photo with that huge troll (I think it’s near the McDonald’s Cafe).

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