Norway – On The Road (trip) To Norway & Aurland!


Spontaneity at its finest.

Going to Norway was one of the most spur of the moment idea’s and actions I’ve ever taken in my life to date. I definitely have the girls to thank for that because it was one hell of an experience.

We booked Norway 3 days prior flying from Stanstead airport to Oslo! We also booked a hotel nearby for one night so we had somewhere to rest out heads before the exploring started.

The main aim of this trip was for us 5 girls to get away and not only that but explore area’s of Europe which will be a little more expensive for the girlies to visit in the future! This is due to Lulu being from America and Abbie, Becca and Majelle being from Canada! I was incredibly outnumbered but I certainly was not complaining being the only Brit.

So we flew into Oslo airport and stayed one night in the Thon Gaardermoen Hotel, a 2 minute bus journey from the terminal with a free breakfast in the morning before we went to pick up our hire car. YES we had 5 people in the room when you’re not supposed to and YES when we asked for an extra bed the room they gave us a baby cot (this was how I discovered that in the USA an extra bed in the room is called a cot. For us in the UK and (maybe most of) Europe, its a baby cot, so that is what we got!).

IMG_20181123_112656We jumped back on the bus shuttle the following morning after enjoying our free breakfast, which was very impressive all things considered we ate like queens, and back to the airport to get our hire car! Done through Enterprise we rented a car for the duration of our trip as we needed it to get to our chosen destination. A small little village we chose by placing a finger randomly on the map. SO, we ended up in Flam!

A HUGE shout out to Lulu for driving on this trip. So so appreciated by the rest of us for sure. Lots of love g!

The journey from Oslo to Flam takes 5 hours, we were staying in a small village 5 minutes away from Flam called Aurland (Aurlandsfjord). The best part about this village? It was IN A FJORD. One of the goals for the trip was also to see some Fjords and we can safely say we managed that and them some on this trip. Below is the route we took on our travels to Flam, 4 hours and 32 minutes, not including our little pit stops!


Along the way we stopped twice, once at Jevnaker and another at Hemsedal because all your girls have love for beautiful places. Jevnaker is only an hour or so outside of Oslo but its so small with a part of it being in the bottom of this beautiful fjord, Randsfjorden, we had to stop for the lakeside views! Although that is all we stopped for it was totally worth it, as well as some petrol station snacks for the rest of the trip!

We did one more stop along the way at Hemsedal and the scenery was beautiful, who would’ve thought beside a petrol station and supermarket would be a beautiful lake and mountain! Only in Norway hey? (definitely not actually, no).

Eventually we arrived in Aurland, Flam! The sceneic views on the journey were the whole reason we drove as we know we wouldn’t have seen half as much if we hadn’t have left Oslo. It was my first ever road trip experience with these girls and it was a beautiful one, which wasn’t over yet!


The Journey back was even MORE gorgeous!

Stay Tuned For More in Aurland!

J x

But if you don’t want it to be over just yet;

 Catch it and all the girls social media links & our Norway Videos Below! 






Youtube Video: 


Youtube Video;




Youtube Video:

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