South Africa – Night Safari & Eating what we see.

Now night safari was something that I found amazing, but also slightly terrifying at the same time. Not because it is terrifying but because I am just a wimp who’s afraid of the dark and the things in it. So of course going on safari, at night, when its dark, most probably surrounded by scary animals, is me living the dream…

54But apart from that the experience was wonderful. Going out at night is much different to going out in the morning. Its harder to see the animals but you also get to experience a different side to the lodge. We went out on our night safari’s too drive past lions that were asleep beside the road or were looking for food or to fight. We saw the alligators lit up but the moonlight in the waterhole, but I think the scariest thing was the Hippo.

43As we had finished up our Night Safari we were driving back to the lodge when this Hippo starts to run behind our truck. No obviously its pitch black and I’m terrified. It then veered off to the left on the truck and ran along side us and then into the bushes. Now when I learnt it was a Hippo I was in shock due too how fast it was going. Then Learnt that Hippo’s on land can actually run up to 45 mph, a lot faster than you thought right? me too! So the thought of one charging past our truck was enough for me to be incredibly pleased night safari was over!

Another wonderfully beautiful part about night safari is the sunset over the park. I don’t have any words nice enough to describe it and my photographs don’t do it justice but I’ll post them anyway. Night safari was lovely because whilst we were watching the sunset we stopped beside a lake and set up camp where we had some drinks and snacks by the water whilst the sun went down. It was something like out of a movie or a dream and I never thought I’d have been lucky enough to experience such a beautiful evening, that was for sure. Below are the photos of the sunset while we enjoyed our snacks and drinks!



What I found really cool and interesting about this place was the fact that we ate what we saw. Whilst we were out on safari we would see these gazelle like animals called Kudu. They were your basic oversized deer with some hella big horns, and actually really beautiful creatures. 27NOW one night we were all about to sit down and eat with our wonderful chef who had cooked us up a meal, of KUDU.

And I have to admit to you all, it was bloody lovely. Not much different to chicken if I’m honest, but also slightly different at the same time. I wish I could remember exactly what it tasted like so I could describe it to you properly. So if you ever find yourself in South Africa, make sure you try the Kudu!!

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