Vienna – A new country & my first experience with trams (yes, really).

Jake and I had headed over to Vienna for one very special reason, to see our wonderful friend Julia who we had met when she had come to our college for 6 months to study. We became so close when Julia was in the UK studying, so when she went home we were so heartbroken and missed her so much, we paid for a flight to Vienna, Austria!! So, we hopped on a plane to Vienna  so we could spend an amazing time with Julia sight-seeing, meeting her friends and partying the Austrian way!

I was so excited to go to Austria as it’s a new place, a new country! New things to see and new foods to try, like schnitzel! Art galleries and restaurants to clubs and pubs, I was so excited to have a change of pace and especially temperature as it was a a lot warmer in Vienna compared to the UK! Another country to tick of my list, I’d go back there and explore so much more if I could, I’d especially like to go snowboarding in Austria, I’m sure its beautiful, one day!

23.jpgWe flew with Easy Jet so it all ran smoothly on the way there, unfortunately on the way back in my hungover state I was dying for a tea and they couldn’t serve any hot drinks due to not having any hot water! Jake and I were dead to the world. Prices weren’t crazy high but it was £120+ per person including one suitcase in the hold.

When Jake and I arrived at the airport we were greeted with big hugs before we were swept back to Julia’s with her and her friend as we had a Traditional Austrian Party to go too! We stayed at Julia’s in her basement, it was a huge space with only a sofa and a table in there, there were two mattresses to sleep on for Jake and I so we set up camp! We also had a bathroom and plenty of space for our things. Jake and I were so grateful she let us stay with her because it saved us so much in terms of money, time and it made the experience better as we got to spend more time with Julia.


Julia lived fairly close to everywhere we wanted to go, we just had to hop on a tram and the metro! Well, for starters I’d been in Vienna an evening and had already nearly been ran over by a Tram. Admittedly at the time I was 18 years of age and I still hadn’t seen or ever been on a Tram, so this was a first, So I didn’t realise that once they left the station there wasn’t really much a chance of them stopping. Especially if you walk out in front of them before they pull away from a station, oops! No injury of course, make sure you keep your eyes open.

64But Trams are pretty cool, We used them quite a lot to get to where we needed to go, and they’re so funky and clean, they really give the place more identity as they look so savvy. But I’d never ridden on a Tram before so my fascination levels were pretty high, it was a lot of fun and something new!

We used the metro often as well, that was pretty handy, we bought a week pass for it and it was fairly cheap. It was pretty clean everywhere and it was pretty much like being on the underground in London except for Vienna is SO much nicer and your journey is much more pleasant.

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