Portugal – Exploring & Getting loud in Lagos

Of course our main exploration place was the beach, and there wasn’t really much there, plus I have a whole post about the beach and surfing already so I won’t go on too much (No promises though). It was a pretty beach but SO BIG. The dunes behind went on for miles, we had to venture there to go to the toilet, Β most the time it was scorching hot so we had to run on our tip toes, it was so funny sometimes trying to find some shade when there wasn’t any! We also usually ended up rolling around in the dunes, well, I did.

If you guys are interested in going on surf trip with these guys I’d sure as hell recommend it, you can visit their website www.studentsurftrip.com to find out more information!

IMG_3215There was a boardwalk before you got to the beach that split of in two directions, one down to the beach where you had to cross this little river of water that goes up the beach on high tides. The water was so clear and cool on your feet when carrying the boards through it, Sometimes it was hard with bags and towels though!

The other direction the boardwalk split off too lead you down to the edge of the cliffs where you can see over the entire beach, the view was beautiful and to get to it you also have to pass an opening in the cliffs where the water is coming up the rocks. You can feel the sea air and its all so fresh, was like being in a dream. I love the beach so much.



Some days when we didn’t want to go surfing the option to stay at the lodge and just sunbathe by the pool was available.

I did this twice whilst I was out there, one because I was stupid and put my back out two days before the holiday and it was another days rest for it not to be painful. And the other because I wanted to get my TAN ON.

The pool area is huge and theres plenty of space, we spent a few evenings sat on the hammocks out there too. Its gorgeous in the evening when the sky is clear, we sat in the hammocks with bevs looking at the stars, and laughing hysterically.

On the last night we all stayed in at the lodge as our flights were early the next day. We had our food and drinks and there was live music too, At some point karaoke was on the cards and my friend Rachel sang her heart out and I got up and sang for a free cider. We all ended up getting very drunk that night as they had made us all pimms and other alcohol that was going around. It resulted in me, Abbie and a few others all dancing and singing on tables. I went to bed at 12pm. My taxi to the airport was at 5am. I was not fresh. I had so much fun!


We had a very eventful night out when we went out in Lagos with the other university, it so much fun. We went to the Tavern and that was a lot of fun, I don’t know how it happened but we all ended up having shots poured straight into our mouths whilst we were laying on the pool table! Everyone was cheering and it was brilliant, this was IMG_3397.JPGapparently my initiation into being the Surf Societies new Social Secretary, and I did not hold back!

After the Tavern we went to the club I don’t have the name of, then we WERE going to go back to the Tavern, But things didn’t quite workout that way. This was easily the most eventful night in Portugal!

We’d all had a lot to drink and had been mingling with the other university, we were all merry and walking to the Tavern, I was with Abbie and Calum having a sing song. Next thing thats happening is I’m being picked up and thrown over my friends shoulder for fun, its great, he’s tall and he starts spinning around, its all hilarious right up until the last moment. Im not sure what happened but we went down and hit the ground. I was lucky enough to not hurt myself but unfortunately my friend hit his head (All the precautions for this were made don’t worry your socks off).

IMG_3541We ended up back at the lodge, my friend mad drunk with one of his uni mates, Abbie and myself came back too. Lets just say after this I ended up breaking my shoe in a mad rush to chase after my friend after he ran off drunk, after eventually putting him to bed Abbie and I sat around the pool and decided that we hadn’t done the ultimate yet.

Skinny Dipping in the Pool!

Everyone was still out and my friends were in their teepee, no one was around so we stripped off in our rooms and legged it with our towels, it was so funny, I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard. It was such a bizarre but wonderful night!


We went out in Lagos on our first and last day, it was a really cute town, colourful and very easy to get lost in. The weather was beautiful when we first arrived apart from one day when it rained pretty much most of the day. We went to all these different clothes shops and classy english as we are settled for burger king for lunch on our first outing to Lagos.

I went with the girls the second time and we went to the supermarket and then over to the market on the harbour side. The market was the cutest, it was all these gazebos lined up along the harbour edge selling clothes and hareem trousers, big tapestry and all sorts of accessories.

I ended up buying almost 4 pairs of hareem pants, I only came away with 3 though. They’re so comfy and a regular necessity when I’m chilling out.

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